3 Practical Tricks for Writing Your First Novel

Most readers think that writing a novel is the easiest thing any writer can do. But that is where we all go wrong. Before a novel comes out, a writer experiences difficulties, he has to do lots of things before the book becomes successful. Among the hardest parts is writing the novel. 

While getting the book published is another hard part, writing can be tricky. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you are writing a book or you have written one before. One thing is clear. Writing is not for the faint-hearted. There are times when you need assistance to focus and figure out how to achieve your goal. If you are starting with book writing and not sure how to write it, here are some practical tricks for writing the first novel that will help you. 

Keep away your manuscript

How many months have you been collecting ideas for your book? It could be that you have spent several months or years researching your book. This can be tiring and going ahead with your book writing might result in a poorly written book. That is why experts recommend that you at some point put away your book and do other things. Not only will you have taken a break but you will have time to look at your manuscript as the reader and not as the writer. 

What is your book about

The first thing to writing a great book is having a goal. What is the book all about? Is it about a broken home? Put down the argument of the book in one sentence. The next thing is to expand your ideas to a paragraph and one page. The next step is to write your table of contents. The table of contents helps to guide you as you are writing your book. As you write your book, consider dividing the chapters into some sections. If your book seems complicated, you will likely find it hard to navigate even as you write it. You will get confused and mix up things.

Set your daily word count objective

Whether you are starting or an expert, you don’t need to write a lot to complete your book. There is no need to hurry or work out yourself. The best way to handle this is to set the number of words you want to write every day. One page is equal to 300 words. If your book is 30 pages, you can start by writing a page every day. This means, within one month or so, your book will be complete. Do not create unattainable goals. Have a goal for your book daily.


Writing can be stressing at times. But with clear and practical goals, you can complete writing your book without any difficulty. Also, ensure you have a designated place where you do your writing. When you have a specific place where you work, you feel ready to work whenever you are at that place.

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